Petals of Healing

In her follow up book, to 'metamorphosis - extended edition' D.L. Heather brings us a guided grief journal, loaded with inspirational words, affirmations and weekly exercises to address the day-to-day emotions that go along with the grieving process.


There are many books that are designed to help people who have experienced the loss of a loved one. However, Petals of Healing is different in that it was specifically created as a companion journal for those grieving. Poet D.L. Heather wrote this book with the intention of being a source of comfort and support as you go through the grieving process. It is a beautifully designed and thoughtful book that gently guides you to restore, reflect, and record memories and times shared.

Through a series of journal prompts, poems and poetry prompts, inspiring quotes, affirmations, and exercises, this guided grief journal will help you move through your grief in a healthy way. This journal can be completed on an as needed basis and help you understand your grief and recognize your self-care needs.

  1. Find support work through emotions & feelings following the loss of a loved one.

  2. Journal through your emotions and write in your journal at your own pace with guided prompts.

  3. Cultivate new life after loss and keep the connection alive as you move through your grief.

This book includes:

  • Affirmations

  • Inspirational Quotes

  • 52 week weekly check in sheets

  • Worksheets and Exercises

  • 54 poems and prompts

  • 40 journal prompts and much more…