Metamorphosis - Extended Edition

I wrote this book is for those who feel trapped in the thoughts their mind produces following the death of a loved one. Metamorphosis - Extended Edition is a collection of haiku poetry inspired by my personal experiences after losing my father.


An extended edition off of my first poetry book, Metamorphosis. This edition has over 118 new poems, along with the 50 poems previously published.

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What readers are saying

A book I keep close!

I’ve been really struggling with the loss of my dad. I have felt so alone with my pain. And I felt no one has understood that. Until I bought this book…I could feel D.L. Heather’s pain and it felt like someone took my thoughts and feelings and put them on paper but then made it beautiful. Grief is probably the hardest things to navigate and it likes to pop and out. I’m so happy I found this book, it validates my feelings and makes me feel less alone. This book will be something that always stays with me. And I highly recommend it to anyone trying to navigate these dark waters.

– Cat, Amazon Customer

Heart Provoking!

I’ve always admired the way Haiku expresses the most while saying the least. Something about its briefness goes beyond measure, how three lines and 17 syllables can add up to a mountainous meaning. And this heart-wrenching & introspective poetry collection is the epitome of what Haiku is all about.
The central theme it shoulders is grief—something so inevitably rooted in our lives. To put it in the author’s words: “Grief lives in your veins / a tornado; ripping apart / everything it comes across.” – I marvel at how she cleverly refines such a murky subject throughout the entire book.
Whether the reader is grieving the tragic loss of a loved one through death or separation, each resonant Haiku in this collection will seep through and strike a chord. I felt Heather’s colossal agony from absorbing each imprinted word. The fearlessness it took to share her grief is beyond dispute, and I praise her for that.

After finishing the book, I found myself staring vacantly with an overflowing desire for more, so I read it again! There are so many liberating takeaways within the pages.
For anybody who is grieving, please do yourself a favour, forget the bottle of wine and drink the words of this moving book instead. It will sit with you through the unspoken storms and will assist in mending your broken heart.

- Mindful Reading , Amazon Customer


These poems are so deep. They remind me a bit of Edgar Allan Poe. I love how dark the poems are at time, how real and raw. They made it hard to read at some point because they were SO emotional. If you live poetry that makes you feel, you will love this.

- Abby , Amazon Customer

A powerful journey through grief.

Grief is one of the most painful and lonely times we go through in our lives. This beautiful book shares not only the pain in the journey but also the hope you will make it through. It feels like you are reading a love letter to the one you lost but also a love letter to yourself. "Your grief is a reflection of your love"; If you are going through the pains of grief this is a must-read of comfort and hope.

– Amy, Amazon Customer

Heartfelt and Deep!

Writing about grief is a difficult thing to do, but it can be healing for the writer; I myself wrote a lot of poems during my fathers sickness and after his too early passing away. It was a privilege to read, and it struck both the heart and the memories. Thank you for making this available to the public, and please accept my heartfelt condolences on your loss.

- Christoffer , Amazon Customer

Haiku is the perfect format for this poet.

There is sadness here and it is genuine. The depth of loss beyond deep. It is debilitating. There is also hope and a path forward. All is not lost. This is an honest journey. Stay until the end.

- J.J , Amazon Customer