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3 Writing Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

No matter what struggles you may be having—and we all have them—one thing is true: If you want to proceed with your writing dreams, you have to get clear on what you need to accomplish.

In my experience, I have found that it is best to identify the present problem or problems you’re facing in your writing life, decide to solve it in x amount of time and outline a plan.

Challenge 1: Not Having Enough Time to Write

This is something most of us face. There are two types of writers:

  1. those who complain because they can't seem to find time to write

  2. and those who make the time to write

The difference between the two? The second type prioritises their writing and the other type doesn’t.

Tip: If you have trouble finding time in your life to write, try giving up something. For example;, instead of

  • Scrolling social media first thing in the morning, use that time to write.

  • Watching late-night television at night, cut that time in half and use it to write something.

  • Instead of driving to work every day, take public transportation a couple of times a week and use that time to write.

Find something you do daily, and replace it with writing. Making writing one of your top priorities will help you achieve your writing goals.

Challenge #2: Not Being Consistent on Platform Building

It's hard enough to make time in your hectic life to write. How can you possibly make time to build a platform, too?

Your work will not get the attention it deserves without a platform. The solution - get your name and work in front of as many people as often as possible.

Be Consistent

  • Blog regularly and share posts with your audience.

  • Build your email list.

  • Guest post on other blogs.

  • Use social media to build up your followers.

  • Be a guest on a podcast.

Making the time for this can be a challenge, but a writer who manages to do this is the writer who enjoys a growing engaged readership.

Long-Term Plan

Try to plan platform-building on a weekly or monthly basis.

For example:

  • Once a week: Write and post a blog, and create and send out newsletters. (I have two, one for my writing and the other for my herbal business).

  • Once a month: Try to send out invitations to other authors to appear on your website.

  • Once every three months: Write, pitch, and guest post.

The best way to achieve the above is to get the calendar and find a way to work toward your platform-building goals.

Problem #3: Not Building on Your Strengths

What are your writing weaknesses? Perhaps you need help with character building. Maybe your pacing is too slow or too fast.

Now, what are your writing strengths?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with working on your writing weaknesses, but if all you focus on are your weaknesses, you’ll struggle to reach your highest writing potential.

Tip: Start from your strengths

Know what your writing strengths are. Write them down and place them somewhere you can see them regularly. Continue to remind yourself and capitalise on the things you do well.

If you need help, go back and look at the feedback you’ve had from readers, proofreaders, editors, fellow writers etc.) and keep going from there.

What are your writing goals this month?

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