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Metamorphosis - Extended Edition: 5 Stars from Readers' Favorite

Metamorphosis - Extended Edition has received a 5-star review from Readers’ Favorite and earned an official seal. I've updated the book’s cover to include this seal across the paperback and eBook formats. Readers’ Favorite is a book review and award contest company. It’s accredited by the BBB and recognized by renowned publishers, including Harper Collins and Penguin Random House. Here is the full review.

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Metamorphosis by D. L. Heather is 'A Collection of Haiku Poetry on Love, Grief & Healing' that has been created in its entirety through the heartfelt perspective of its author. This is the second edition of this compilation, but has been significantly extended with over double the amount of new pieces blended with the best of the prior collection. All of Heather's work within this book is in haiku formatting that follows the traditional seventeen phonetic unit structure, frequently in a five-seven-five configuration, but also cleverly in a stylized jiyuritsu. Interspersed between the work are line illustrations that highlight the simplicity of the haiku pattern without minimizing its depth. Metamorphosis is a book worth savoring and I have frequently returned to the work of D. L. Heather over the past couple of weeks to re-read my favorites, and there are many. We are currently living in a time of unprecedented loss that, by contemporary comparison, can only be set side by side with war. And in this case, grief is a very real war in and of itself. An internal battle between mind, heart, and the burning of our souls. Heather has a no-holds-bar approach as she writes lines that read, “You taught me so much - yet, you forgot to show me - how to live without you.” There is agony in the words, but also great love and as the book progresses, healing: “Life altered by pain - unconditional self-love - pathway to healing.” This is a beautiful, beautiful collection.

Reviewed By Jamie Michele for Readers’ Favorite

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