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Thank You for Reading!

Where do I start? 2021 was a total whirlwind. It's honestly hard to believe I published two books in the last year. Since that was the one thing I wanted to achieve, I never thought I could do it, especially in a year that was filled with so many challenges. But - I owe it all to all of you.

Many of you don't know this, but if it wasn't for all the continued support, I probably wouldn't have followed through with publishing my 2nd book of 2021. Putting my writing out there was scary... it still is. In 2019, I took a gamble and posted on Facebook how I was near completion of my first poetry book. Few people engaged, and I often thought to myself, "who really cares what I have to say?" I questioned my writing and contemplated whether I should publish it at all. Then, as I dove deeper into my book, I decided to take the plunge, publish it and see what would happen.

The time I spent researching how to publish a book and market a book vs actually writing probably would equal to about the same. I tried to get my writing picked up by a publishing house. The answer was always the same, "we're sorry, but this is not what we are looking for at this time." Why? Because I wasn't an established author. Who would want to risk taking on a poet who's never published before? Well- none of the 15, I queried.

What was I meant to do now? Give up on my childhood dream? Was my writing not good enough? Would I ever make it as an author? Would it even be worth publishing a book? Would everyone hate it? These questions ran continuously through my mind.

But - because of how many of you expressed a heavy interest in reading my book, and continued to support my dream, I chose the self-publish route. What did this mean? It meant doing everything by myself.

Flashback to one year ago, I was building up the hype for the months leading up to this release day. I announced my book was available to purchase on Amazon. The emotions I felt as I hit post were a combination of anxiousness, excitement, terrifying, and the greatest sense of accomplishment. I woke up to messages, phone calls, and so many posts on social media that books were being purchased. It was overwhelming. That first day I sold over 40 copies and to my didn't stop there.

Today - 10 months later, my second book, "Life Interrupted" is a best seller and sold worldwide and YOU helped me achieve that.

Thank you to those who continued to encourage me throughout the entire publishing process (you know who you are). Thank you to those who recommend it to their friends and continue to spread the word. Thank you to everyone who has reviewed my book - this is the greatest gift to an author. Thank you to everyone who has sent me honest and kind words - it means more than you know.

You've inspired me to continue to go after my dreams. You've brightened dark days. You helped me achieve what I once thought was impossible.

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