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Up Close and Personal with Author Oneal Walters

Welcome to my blog! A new and exciting segment dedicated to introducing you to new and established authors and their books.

Today, I would like to welcome author Oneal Walters. Let’s get started.

What is your name and where are you from?

I’m from the city of the Toronto Raptors, the CN Tower and Drake. My name is Oneal Walters.

What was your childhood dream?

When I was in elementary school, my first dream was to be a doctor. I visited the family doctor many times with my parents. I liked how my doctor solved every question my parents asked. He also provided advice and if he didn’t know the answer, he did his research with a library of books from within his office. He read the books while we were in his office! Wow! His resources and his ability to improve our lives fascinated me. I shared my dream, and it was quickly stomped on. It didn’t grow. My next realization was to be a writer. My dream was to be a successful writer like Stephen King.

When did you publish your first book?

And in this round, the editor for “The PM” picks Oneal Walters to join their team. I felt like I was picked like rookies from the NBA draft. After being picked; I realized each author operated on their own and the publisher was selling my books at a discounted price to me and then I was supposed to sell them to book readers at market price. What a mess. I didn’t know how to do this successfully, nor was the editor willing to teach me. My first book, Frozen Stare, was published in 2000.

What’s the most difficult thing about being a writer?

The most difficult skill to learn as a writer is advertising. In my experience with The Empty Couple, I skipped promotion and went straight into advertising. This was a mistake. Sure, there were sales. Sure, there was a #1 ranking. I enjoy these achievements, but it was an uphill climb on slippery glass. My advice to new writers would be to promote extensively yourself and your project. Advertising provides a greater connection with readers when they are familiar with your name and your speciality.

What’s the most exciting thing?

By far the most exciting thing for me is when my editors get the vision and provide tools to enhance my project. My joy increases when they love what I wrote, but they can enrich it even more for my readers. The second most exciting thing for me is reading the comments from my readers about my book; finding out that my readers share my point of view and learning about new perspectives that they formed through my art.

Why is writing important to you?

Breathing is important because it’s how we exist in life. Writing is important to me because it’s how I exist in life. I write to maintain my existence in life.

What genre do you write in? Tell us about your book.

I write books that are within the domestic thriller genre. In my book, The Empty Couple, Ruth and Michael are a successful couple. Ruth is a lawyer and Michael is a mechanic. Michael loses his job and becomes increasing violent towards Ruth. Ruth is overwhelmed by the financial responsibilities and not feeling loved by her boyfriend. As Michael’s abuse escalates; we wonder whether Ruth will escape or remain Michael’s victim or worst.

What inspired you to write this book?

Domestic violence is an important issue within society. It’s also kept as a secret. Women who are empowered will be more willing to speak about their abuse after reading about Ruth. Women should form a community with resources that help recognize abuse and how to escape it. In The Empty Couple, Ruth forms a bond which develops into a small community, which later helps Ruth. Shh, read the book to find out.

Where can people find out more about you and your work?

Readers can find out more by visiting or following my website and social media accounts.




Where can your book(s) be purchased?

The Empty Couple is available everywhere. Amazon, Google Play Books, Barnes and Noble, Kobo.

Oneal, it was a pleasure. Thank you!

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